We recently helped Hilton Garden Inn West Edmonton – Grow!  We’re very excited about our recently completed renovation as part of HGI’s global initiative.

This transformation is designed to increase the brand’s emotional connection and to drive customer loyalty.  By creating a seamless work/leisure environment, HGI hopes to maximize ROI by making their food and beverage spaces relaxed, modern, inviting and full of light.

Gardens are versatile, with a vitality that rejuvenates.  The metaphor extension to hospitality is a rich one.  Guests can be social and connected with others or more intimate and contemplative – in a space that is light, bright and airy and warm – even in the dead of winter, Alberta. Casual, natured inspired and transformative from day to night – The space is designed to accommodate socializing and contemplation.  With different zones – fluidly connected – a Firepit, Gazebo and Conservatory provide compartments within the lobby, each with a different flavor and sensory experience..

Welcome to the Garden!

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